Hey! I’m Mischa and I am a seamstress from Birmingham. I have a strong passion for the arts and I will be bringing you various tips and advice about art, music, and photography to fill your life full of love and light. 

I love my job even when a stressed-out bride comes in demanding last-minute dress changes for a wedding that is in two days! The stress sometimes makes the job more exciting because you feel like a bit of a musician.

My entire family originated from Barbados so we have a strong passion for music, which is something that I grew up with, in my family. I learned how to use all different kinds of instruments like the guitar, steel drums, as well as singing in my local gospel choir. I love all kinds of music though and my kids often get annoyed with the amount of Beyonce I blast around the house! 

In terms of art, I have been painting for years and I am in a local art group, which I go to every Wednesday night. The people there are lovely and we have a really good time learning new techniques and letting our creativity take us away. 

So this blog is advice from me and should not be taken as expert advice, these are just my interests that I would like to share with all of you!