The Top 3 Bon Jovi Songs

So Bon Jovi’s biggest hit, Sinatra’s The Way You Look Tonight, and Runaway, are two huge hits. Any Bon Jovi fan would agree that these songs are classic and that they are good to hear on a birthday or anniversary celebration. However, when you think about the greatest hits this group has recorded, i.e. The More Things Change, Hot Hits, Anything But Mine, etc., you would agree that Bon Jovi has not only the biggest collection but the greatest hit songs for any group. If memory serves me, the first song in their collection was “Runaway” which was released in their first album “Slippery When Wet” in 1984.

Below is a list of the top 3 (I order these because I think it is sorted perfectly and it is the number one decision when it comes to signing any band to a record label) songs by Bon Jovi that appear on most people’s list of all-time hits.

  1. Runaway

From the very start of the band, this song was to be on the biggest hit single of the band’s career and it got that promise from a listener after listener. This song was part of the early days when the band was discovering success. Eddie Cochran’s guitar work and his trademark vocal delivery were a huge part of the equation and people soon learned that Bon Jovi was a special band. This song is down to history and country of origin. The band first tried haphazardly to translate it as Canadian Maple Leaves but it didn’t take. They learned their lesson the hard way and it became a huge success. In fact, Runaway is to be considered a great song even though it was the first song the band recorded.

  1. Miss You

One of the crowd favorites, miss you marked Bon Jovi’s second album. This song seemed to be a crowd favorite from the very beginning of the band’s career. A lot of people, myself included, consider this to be a crowd favorite more than one year before their album “New Jersey” was released. That’s a stark difference from earlier albums that many of us consider being some of the best work the band ever did. One of my favorite parts of the song is the background vocals and the way they blend with the drums. It is very interesting to hear those parts be combined with the drum solo. What really makes this song a crowd favorite is that it has different versions throughout. The first one is a full instrumental with no vocals. The second version was the only alternative. In fact, that version was the only one that was floating around.

  1. Bed Of Roses

One of my all-time favorite songs from them is definitely Bed of Roses. This song has been compared to similar songs created by Elton John, specifically Dave Matthews, and most recently, frequent Al Green tribute artists. Bed of Roses has that sort of feeling to it. Very slow, yet building towards a crazy chorus. If you’re looking for a song that is slow with a huge chorus and if you want to learn a song by copying the chorus, hit up YouTube and find a good version by a good songwriter. Al Green was known for this sort of song, so give him some thanks.

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